Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 10: Back at Bootcamp

It was great resuming my Bootcamp training after missing Day 8 and Day 9 last week. The weather was excellent today – but the field continues to be wet and muddy....very tough for us as our shoes get stuck in the mud and it really slows us down and also takes a lot more of our energy to keep moving.

After the usual warm up, we had to do our “now” customary grunts – i just don’t understand why some team members are still not “team players!”. 7 AWOL team members so 70 torturous grunts.

Today we have 2 circuits so the team were divided into 2 groups randomly.
My group started the “race competition circuit” where the group was divided into 2 teams and we had to compete against each other with the losing team rewarded with 30 grunts! So lots of incentives to do well here.

This race is a weight and running competition. Each team stayed on opposite end of a 40 meter track. And we each had a “sand pipe rifle” that we have previously used. We were then asked to place our “rifles” into a square zone called our “Store”. The objective of this competition is that both teams will have equal amount of “Rifles” in each store – we are then suppose to run to each other’s store and one person can pick up only one rifle from the opposite team’s “store” and run back to our own “store” and put in back in our “Store”. The opposite team will do the same.

While we started with equal rifles on each side, over time of the competition as we run to each other’s store – one team will start to lead as one store will have more rifles then the other. Thankfully, our team started well and we continue to gain a huge lead and by half way, our team were getting more than half their rifles from their store before they could take from our side....a runaway win and when the competition ended, we won hands down! HOOYAH!

We were happy watching the other team suffer the agony of grunts...and in our complacency, we started drinking our water while watching the team....another rule of Bootcamp is that we can only have water breaks when instructed by the Sgt....we must be too happy, we totally forgot (including me) so got caught and from winners....we ended up having to do 15 grunts as punishment for disobeying the “drinks rule”!

After completing our punishment – we moved to the other circuit which involved using the big BAD lorry tyres again! This circuit was not a competition but collective workout. Our team was divided into 3 teams (as there were 3 lorry tyres) and half had to go across to the other end of the track of 20 meters.

Here, we had to do 6 minutes of individual flipping of the tyre from one end by a team member to the other end and another team member takes it back. While 3 members do the flipping, the rest of the team had to stand in line and worked on 5 reps of push ups, squats, Jumping jacks and King Kong push ups – non-stop! Any stoppages meant the Sgt added 30 seconds – we had an extra 2 minutes of punishment. This was tough as the tyres were really heavy....took all our energy to get it across.

Once we completed the 8 minutes – 4 members must then carry on our shoulders these giant tyres and brisk run for 60 meters and back! My team had 2 girls and 2 guys so we guys took opposite ends and the ladies took the front and back...and slowly, we made the round!

It was a tough end to Day 10 – after a well stretched warm down...Day 10 ended with 2 more days to go.....HOOYAH!

Tomorrow weigh in again at lunch time....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Missing today and Friday.......

I will unfortunately miss Day 8 and Day 9 of Bootcamp due to work commitments.

But for the benefit of my fellow team members - i made sure i sms Sgt S today and will do the same on Friday to ensure i don't contribute to the grunts for the rest of the team.

In keeping with the fitness schedule - will be trying to go to the gym at least twice before Day 9 on Monday!

Blog again on Monday!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lighter days ahead?......

91.1...Its a start - at least this week, trend is reversing back!


Maybe i am starting to burn the fats now?

Looking forward to Day 8 tomorrow.


Day 7: Washout! But not before the grunts......

Not much to update on Day 7 as the threatening weather was always a concern when we stepped on the field.

4 team members were AWOL – so after our warm up, we had to start on our 40 grunts! The team got to seriously get our act together, i know i was guilty last week of AWOL. Now i know how it feels for the rest of the team.

It started raining while we were doing the grunts but the instructors kept us going! Rain keep pouring down and we were all soaked and tired when we completed the grunts.

We then were about to start on the day’s program and lighting started to strike in rapid succession....it was only then that Sgt S called off the Bootcamp.

Everyone rushed out of the field and Day 7 ended with the promise that the balance 35 minutes will be replaced!

Today is “weigh in” day. Look forward to seeing this week’s numbers!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Friday, January 15 – Day 6 of the Original Bootcamp

Bootcamp started with the usual “grunt” punishment on Friday after the warm up.
4 team members were late so 40 grunts for all!

Noticed the instructors placing 3 stations of cones so was reminding myself to rush to the front of the “rangers” line-up to avoid what happened on Wednesday when standing at the back got me booted up to the higher “Seals” team.

After the grunts torture (i still not feeling any better doing this), Sgt S shouted for us to get into our Delta, Seals and Rangers Group.
Note on Grunts: For friends who doubt the “torture” of grunts – do follow my diagram in my last blog and try doing them! Unless u are super fit, i think you will find it a challenge. I still debating whether it is the jumping up or dropping down that is the real torture or both.

I rushed to the front half of the Rangers line-up. Feeling good with myself as i was definitely in the first half....as we prepare for the realignment, Sgt S ordered, “Rangers whom i placed in the Seals team on Wednesday – PLEASE GO BACK TO THE SEALS TEAM!” All my great planning! In one simple order, my Day 6 training was doomed to be tough!

Sgt S told us that today we will be training in 3 stations for 10 minutes each focusing on “Upper Body”, “Abs” and “Lower Body” in the 3 respective stations.
Seals team were assigned to Station Upper Body first. Rushing to the Station in 20 seconds (to ensure no grunts punishment) we were then asked to each pick up a “sand pipe rifle”, same as the ones from Day 5.

The exercise in this station comprises of stationary exercisers using the sand pipe rifle plus crawling exercise from one end of the cone to the other end about 30 meters away.

We started with the stationary exercises – as Seals, we had to do 12 repetitions for each exercise. Started with push-ups while holding the sand pipe rifles on the ground, then stand up and hold up the rifle with both hands going up and down holding the rifle, next exercise was to hold the rifle forward with both hands and again bring it up and down. And the final exercise was to hold rifle up high and squat.....once we complete the stationary exercise, we had to “bear crawl” forward from one cone to the end about 30 meters away. Then we had to do a “reverse bear crawl”, this was the toughest for me as apart from trying to manage balance, my legs and hands are aching, and also don’t forget we had to turn back to ensure we don’t know our team mates as everyone was on different pace.

When we finish the reverse bear crawl, we had to continue with the stationary exercise with the sand pipe rifles and the continue with the crawls – we had to keep repeating these till the 10 minutes were up! Tough!

Station 2 – Abs. This was lead by our Australian Corporal. Here we had to repeat “12 times” again (For Rangers, the repetition is “10 times”) of floor abs exercises like sit ups, jumping jacks etc. Was pretty fair exercise in the first 5 minutes BUT after that, the strain was felt and my stomach/abs was burning! And as i work on this blog entry on midnight Sunday – I am still feeling the pains here!
The final 5 minutes was really bad as the burning feeling was bad. When the set ended, the Corporal made us do some stretches that temporarily helped the pain sensation to get us going into the final station.

Station 3 – Lower body. Here, we each had to pick up a small sandbag – first time using sandbags. We were warned that anyone that dropped the sandbag during the 10 minutes exercise will had to do 30 grunts!

So for the next 10 minutes, you can see all of us holding tightly to our sand bags! Similar to Station 1, we had sets of stationary exercises followed by running ahead 30 meters and back again holding tightly to our sandbags....then repeating the entire set again.

Focusing on lower body – the exercises were squats, forward lunges, jumping squat and sumo squat....then off to the run forward and back.......a team member’s sandbag dropped during the run (I must say it gets really heavy after 3 minutes of holding and doing exercises)...so she had to do the grunts....

Day 6 ended as usual when it has already turned dark but the warm down session always helps.

Time passed so fast – we are now back to Monday and Day 7 will be happening soon....had some good food all weekend but hopefully that doesn’t impact my Tuesday weigh in......

Till Day 7....Hooyah out!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

“Grunt” punishments and continuing Day 5

As we waited for Day 5 to start, was told by my team mates that because 5 team members didn’t turn up on Monday without notification – going AWOL (me included as i couldn’t find the mobile number to sms – will save the number in my mobile from now) plus a team member attending without Bootcamp t-shirt, the entire team had to do 60 grunt punishment exercises before they start the session! It was really tough – i felt so sorry that i was responsible for 10 of the grunts.

Firstly to explain what grunt punishment means – it is hard to explain (for a person like me who don’t have much exercise training experience) so surf the internet and found some photos to illustrate...essentially, it is the combination of this 2 routine to count for “1” grunt. Go down then jump up.....try it – unless u are fit, after non-stop 20 times, you will feel it!

Day 5 started at 6.45pm sharp – roll call was the first item of the day. Good start for the day as no one went AWOL today! Yeah!

We started our usual warm up routine of jogging, knees up, lunges and stretches. I thought we were off the hook for the grunts but it was not to be....someone came again without Bootcamp t-shirt so we have to do 10 grunts before the start.....and as we hit the field to start, half way thru, we were told some of us not doing right, so additional 10 grunts added! So in total 20 grunts and it was tough......

We were then put into our 3 groups of Delta, Seals and Rangers – because we had such a big team in rangers, we were randomly (mostly the guys at the back) placed into Delta and Seals team. I was put into the Seals team....lesson learnt here is to stay right in front of the line in the rangers group so that i don’t get moved to the other teams again! Because i went to the Seals team, i had to follow their longer time count! Never again, from now on, I will be staying right in front!

It was a 3 stations exercises again...and i can see for the first time we will be using props for some exercises. But for my first station, it was still cardio exercises.

Station 1: Cardio exercises. We had to do 40 seconds followed by 10 seconds of Cardio exercises. Cardio exercise including Jumping Jack, squat thrust, Star Jumps, Mountain Climbers, Squat jumps....this was a really tough station. I think because I am starting from ground zero of fitness level, i just could not keep up with the 40 seconds workout plus 10 seconds rest on each routine...we had to keep doing that for 12 minutes, and because a few of us stopped (including me) time was added on – another 2 minutes of hell.......the end was welcomed gladly

Station 2: Sand Rifles exercise. In this station, we were made to carry a rifle - “rifle length pipe filled with sand” . We had to hold the rifle horizontally on both hands high up with arms raise, run forward with arms kept up at all times. Then after 10 meters kneel down and get back up, continue running to the next cone 10 meters ahead for the same and the final 10 meters of the same. We then have to jog back. We had to do this for 4 minutes and for every one that stopped 30 seconds were added...we ended the first set with 6 minutes as we had 2 minutes added on punishment. The final set in this station was the same running but instead of kneel, we had to go down on our back and do 3 sit ups on each 10 meter cone....this was a 4 minute run too...we had 1 minute added on here.

I didn’t feel as bad as station 1.

Station 3: Biggest Tyre I ever seen! In this final station we were divided into teams of 8 and 4 was sent to each end of a 15 meter track. When the exercise started, one member starts squatting down carefully and lifting the big tyre to flip it forward. Flipping in from one end to the other end on the team member on the other side then takes it back to the other end. Sounds easy but a combination of this being our final station (after 2 long hard ones) plus the big tyre, we are soon to realize, is very heavy! Some of the ladies had trouble lifting it.

And while we wait for our turn, the rest of the team had to do push up and squat holding positions – tough and painful wait......in fact, i find this part tougher than the tyre flip. I was actually happy with the tyre flip. Despite the heavy tyre – i find this as the one exercise that i could actually do well!
Great way to end Day 5!

After the important warm down session – it was HOOYAH! And looking forward to Day 6 of Friday.

And hope that tomorrow i will wake up with less DOM pain....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

From 91 to 101? ......

The result is in...Unfortunately, my quest received a minor setback today. As u can see in the official “weight result” certified by buddy Chok, the machine showed a 0.4kg increase!!!!!!

Many Questions raised on this set back:

1. I was told that sometimes, when u start an exercise program, u have to gain weight first. So is this a positive 0.4kg gain? Do we have to gain first to reduce later?

2. Maybe the many DOMs pain i felt last week was my muscles busy re-generating and firming up – hence this additional weight is from firmer muscles?

3. Maybe the machine in KLCC is faulty today and gave an inaccurate reading?

It looks like my quest is not taking a direct easy route forward....maybe like in the movies, the underdog/hero had to experience setbacks first before achieving his goals.........

So many questions......I am more dedicated then ever to step into Day 5 of Bootcamp tomorrow to burn more fats.....till the next weigh-in.......the battle continues.....